WTF? Friday

I feel like there is a fine line between being domestic creative and just plain moronic and I think Martha Steward might have just hit moronic (Martha Stewart for the UK readers is like the epitome of a woman she can cook, sew, plan a wedding, do time in jail for insider trading…)  Sadly I can’t embed this video but watch this painful exercise whereby she makes some dude make roses out of panties (or pants as they say here) for his wife for Valentines Day…worst bit occurs when she says something like ‘start with the crotch’, she also says panties way too many times. I’m good with an e-card thanks.

Martha’s panty bouquet

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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Peter says:

    Where did they find that guy “I remember everything I have ever ate, that’s my thing” easy Captain Macaroon!

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