WTF? Friday

Now I have to admit I do get a bit excited when Canada makes the news – it doesn’t happen often today two stores made ‘global’ new – and by global I mean it made it overseas to me. The two newsworthy articles included the following

1) we drink milk out of a bag…..yeah I might have mentioned this (refer to earlier posts here) …but someone made a movie out of it so its coo/weird

2) a Toronto restaurant is  encourage having sex in their  bathrooms for valentine’s day – what more can I say – there is no better way to get over the hurdle of being the ‘nicest’ nation in the world than encouraging fornication on the most romatic day of the year…my favourite quote was from Jim Chan, manager of the food safety program:

Toronto Public Health says as long as there’s no sex in the kitchen and the restaurant keeps its washrooms clean and sanitized, it’s not fussed. “As far as bodily fluids, it’s pretty much similar to the other human functions going on in there.”

Fair point but when you put it that way… eeeww

Am presuming the majority of stories featuring Canada from now on in will include the Olympics but until then I will enjoy trying to make it seem like tristes in the bathrooms are normal and that we really only drink milk in bags…oh yean and we live in igloos and routinely have to fight off grizzly bears to get to the store to pick up said milk.

Tx JC for the second story, can always count on you to feature Canada in a good light

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