Your snow-pinion

So it snowed a tiny little bit on the weekend which meant there was more tv/radio/newspaper coverage about the snowiest/coldest January in 23 years.  It was in one of these newspaper articles that I came across the most brilliant opinion poll…

They started off with a few simple, relevant questions about the snow and it’s impact (FYI gritted means salted or sanded):

PS Who was the 1 person who 'wasn't sure' if the snow disrupted their job...

Then they hit you with the every so scientific and my personal favourite….

What does this prove?  Why didn’t they just leave it as ‘did you fall?  Why did they have to add in ‘someone you know’?  Did they think that a lot of people would own up to it so they gave them the ‘friend’ clause.  “I didn’t fall but my ‘Friend’ did.” Presumably this was  the same friend who’s vodka you were holding when your mom caught you drinking in your room at 13.

Other than it being a stupid question I think they missed out on the final, and most critical question –

Did you laugh while seeing someone fall or when someone told you that they fell as a result of the weather?  If so, how hard did you laugh?

Cause face it, falling is kinda funny*

*Disclaimer – Falling is not funny if it is you falling, if you hurt yourself or the person in the fall hurts themselves.  It is also not funny if babies or puppies are involved in the fall – all other falls are funny .

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1 Response to Your snow-pinion

  1. Peter says:

    Falling is very funny espically if you push a friend into a fall

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