WTF? Friday

So this combines two things I can’t get over this week

1) Pee-Wee is making a comeback – is this really necessary? Isn’t ruining a whole generation by subjecting them to an asexual manchild sitting on a fuzzy talking toilet seat enough? do we really have to resurrect that?
2) The ipad – I am sorry but I just can’t get over the name..ipad? really? yes, I wouldn’t turn one down if someone gave me one but I wont be camped out in front of the apple to be the first gal showing off her ipad….now if it was made by RIM and had ‘berry’ in the name it might be another story but for now (but I am confident RIM wouldn’t come up with something as stupid as the padberry) you enjoy your ipad while I get creeped out by the name

Sorry guys, couldn’t embed it, you will actually have to click to see what I am on about…

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