Human bed warmers

So I am still not sure that this is true but apparently two Holiday Inn hotels in London are offering a bed warming service to combat the ‘cold’ weather.  Instead of handing you a water bottle or electric blanket as you would think, they are offering up real live humans to lie in your bed for 5 minutes. These bed warmers apparently wear a one piece jumpsuit  (yeah that makes it less weird) for hygienic reasons and probably to prevent you from thinking that the hotel is side lining as a brothel.

Now I hate getting into a cold bed as much as the next girl but not sure the hotel-arranged stranger in my bed thing is the answer.  Do you talk to the person lying in your bed in a unitard?  What do you say to them? Do you tip? Is it creepy to then jump into bed and cuddle into a stranger’s warm spot?  I am leaning towards yes….valiant PR effort by Holiday Inn but I think I’ll stick to a shot from the mini bar – it has the same warming effect without the awkwardness.

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2 Responses to Human bed warmers

  1. Oh God, that’s so creepy.

    • Adrienne says:

      I know…although so is the fact that hundreds of people sleep in the same bed in hotels I just don’t want to be reminded of it so vividly.
      PS I think your blog is hilarious!

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