WTF? Friday

This is one of those articles that must have been a result of a very slow news day…

The article goes on to explain that since there has only been one ‘credible’ sighting of Nessie last year and none in the previous 12 months so they think that the ‘mythical’ creature may have sunk to the bottom of the lake…

Seriously?  This made the news…what’s next a story about unicorns being extinct because they haven’t been seen on TV since a 1980’s episode of My Little Pony?  Santa Clause on his death bed because he was only seen out one time last year? I would start with a story about whether or not there has ever been a credible sighting of said lake monster.

I have to admit, it was a nice break from all the stories about the snow..

The Sun Newspaper in reference to the football games that were cancelled due to the snow

Ooooh clever like a nightmare but with snow...

They are terrible at shovelling their field and don't even get me started on how poorly they drive in these conditions. They are god dam sheep, they are covered in warm wool, they will cope, it's the naked animals like frogs and snakes we should be worried about.

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1 Response to WTF? Friday

  1. Emma says:

    ….or since the movie ‘The Last Unicorn’…my all time favourite movie of 1982!

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