Warm cat neck pillow

It’s been bloody cold in London lately – like colder than it has been for the past 15 years and cold enough for a Canadian to complain.  Temperature wise it has been hovering around zero degrees celsius which isn’t really that cold compared to the -30 of Canadian winters past but the problem here is that a) I don’t have a car so have to walk everywhere so  you are outside more and b) we have a horrible excuse for heating called radiators.

Dont’ get me wrong, radiators are great at heating up your towel for you when you get out of the shower and for drying clothes but for heating a room they are as useful as a screen door on a submarine.  It heats the 6 inch area around the radiator but doesn’t exactly project heat throughout the room like our fancy ‘forced heat’ system at home.

Obviously one entrepreneurial genius realised this and made one of the coziest gadget things I have seen in a long time.  The radiator cat bed.

Radiator Cat Bed

I am not a fan of cats and if this had a dog in it I would be absolutely drooling over it but all I can think of is throwing out that cat and trying to fit on it myself  (because yes, I am that short), or using the cat as some sort of a warm cat neck pillow.  Which makes me think that someone needs to create a human sized one – kind of like a radiator hammock.   If I could just figure out how to make it strong enough to hold a real person I could make a mint. Until then I will continue to wear my hat and mitts indoors but enjoy my warm towel in the morning.

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1 Response to Warm cat neck pillow

  1. Connectionsg says:

    I am afraid that that young lady has no idea as to how a radiator system functions. These systems are based upon convection, ie you heat up air and ensure that there is sufficient ventalation to allow this heated air to circulate.

    If the heat from her radiators is not circulating, she needs to look at the ventilation in the room. Buy a few smoke matches, light them over the radiator and watch how the heated air moves up and away from the radiator.

    If the radiators themselves are not heating up properly, have a qualified heating engineer service the system.

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