WTF? Friday

As expected the last few days have been full of best, worst, most influential, most annoying etc..countdowns from the last year and last decade.  The thing that confused me was that on all of the British versions of the shows they were calling these the countdowns of the naughties which made me think they were either saying ‘nineties’ and that these shows were from last decade or that they were counting down ‘naughty’ scandals from the past 10 years.  It wasn’t until I saw the word written down and realised they were talking about the ‘Noughties’ as in the word nought meaning zero (ie the car goes nought to sixty in 5 seconds).

Apparently the last decade – because they began with a zero – in the UK were named the noughties (unbeknownst to me or anyone else whom doesn’t’ count nought as a word in their vocabulary). I am presuming the next decade will be the teens in which case I hope the next ten years are as fun as your teens originally were with fewer growing pains and a later curfew – bring on 2010.

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