It just keeps getting better – now for dogs

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas – as usually I was spoiled and most of the things I got were wonderfully gadgetty and techy which means I will basically be hibernating until spring trying to figure them out.

After speaking to my friends about their Christmases it seems that one of the faves from last year made a re-appearance as I have had a few friends who have (happily and unhappily) received a Snuggie (aka Slanket) but this year it seems the product has evolved.  Now this fetching wearable blanket comes in themes…like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (seriously?  did someone just wake up from a 20 year coma and think these guys were still popular – it was probably a toss up between the turtles and He-Man) as well as come in your favourite college team print.  There was a Snuggie runway fashion show and various snuggie pub crawls have popped up (I would sooo go to one of those, mine has a custom pocket which could probably hold a bottle of wine or beer).

My favourite spinoff by far is the doggie snuggie – mainly cause I love anything to do with making animals or kids look ridiculous.  I don’t see how it is much different than a normal dog coat or warmer than, I don’t know, their FUR however I am so broody for a dog that the dog snuggie makes me want both a dog and a dog snuggie. 

Better still is the free talking dog tag you get free with your purchase  – cause everyone loves recording messages and pretending it is actually their dog talking.  ‘Hi my name is Tilly, my owner regularly humiliates me by dressing me in a snuggie, I have run away so please adopt me and do not return me to 123 main street’

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