Christmas telly

On Christmas Day it seems traditional in a few countries to huddle around the TV at some point to watch some sort of Christmas special.  In Sweden I learnt that it is traditional to watch a  Bugs Bunny episode with the family on Christmas Day and in England it seems there is always some gripping Doctor Who episode where someone retires/leaves/dies or the Queen’s Royal Christmas address (which doesn’t include the aforementioned retiring/leaving/dying).

In my house it was the yule log…for those who may not have seen it before it is a video of a burning fire with the added feature of Christmas tunes playing in the background.  Generally on Christmas morning one of the local TV channels forgoes playing 1980’s sitcom reruns to play this video on loop  It is actually the is perfect atmosphere for present opening and if you sit close enough to the TV you can actually feel the heat from the flames.

Whether you are watching the Queen, Bugs Bunny or burning logs tomorrow morning like us, I hope you have a lovely Christmas Day.

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