Santa’s on his way

So despite the 1cm of snow in London my parents have arrived this side of the pond and are seemingly enjoying the trip so far.  They are also reminding me of all the Christmassy words that the English invented but didn’t export to Canada.  Regular readers (Mom and Auntie L) will recoignise these from last year – its my re-gift to you.

Sledge – not as in a hammer (sledge hammer) but it actually the snow toy used to glide effortlessly down hills and into rivers/trees aka a sled

Christmas Pud
– ‘Pud’ being the short form for pudding which is dessert so this is your Christmas dessert which is usually a heavy cake like a fruitcake which they pour brandy over and light on fire…sounds like a party to me – just don’t let gran get to close.

Santa’s Grotto – sadly not some dirty area where Santa plays poker and smokes cigars like I pictured but the place in a store/mall where Santa spends most of December listening to spoiled children tell him what new game console and mp3 player they want.

Gritters – machines which dispense sand on slippery roads – currently they do not have enough gritters t deal with the ‘arctic freeze’ which is sweeping across the country so we are hearing this word a lot.

Baubles – the round ornaments you hang on a tree – aka Christmas balls in our household although that does sound a bit odd now that I repeat it.

Lapland – the area in the North Pole where Santa lives.  Apparently they were not comfortable giving Canadians Santa’s actual address as we were lead to believe he lived somewhere on this giant frozen mass, we weren’t aware that there was a more specific address – that could explain a lot.

Little Donkey – a popular (horrible) Christmas song that is just irritating enough to get stuck in your head even if you know no other words other than ‘little donkey’.

I leave you with a clip of a school choir singing it.  Pay particular attention to the terribly unrealistic soap bubble snow that is burning the eyes out of these poor kids – hilarious (in a festive sort of way)

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