Must have hand held accessory…

Saw this ad on TV the other day and thought it was pretty clever.  Loving the free in-built games and pen touch technology.  They did  forget to mention that it does not come with parental controls as Page 3 is pretty accessible to anyone skilled enough to open a paper.  To clarify, (from Wikipedia)  – Page 3 is a feature found in British tabloid newspapers The Sun (and The Daily Star) consisting of a topless or even nude photograph of a female glamour model traditionally published on the newspaper’s third page.

They might want to look into password protecting that section in future or offer a PG-13 version like in Canadian papers.

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2 Responses to Must have hand held accessory…

  1. Johnny says:

    One of my mates did that. Lovely innit.

    But at first I thought you were talking about this (real) ad:

    • Adrienne says:

      You have very talented mates….although my respect for you as a human have gone down a notch since you used the word ‘innit’.

      I loved the second clip, I saw that last week but couldn’t believe it was real…I did go as far as clicking on order to see if there was some joke message at the end but it looks legit…insane and I love it.

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