Ooot and Aboot in London

Some pictures from my recent outings around London this Christmas (while oot and aboot as we say).

Having trouble finding that special dress for your work Christmas Party….I think I found it.

"No of course you don't look too Christmassy in that dress, red and green is the new black'

Speaking of work Christmas parties, this year we went to Somerset house and went skating at their outdoor ice rink.  We hit on an absolutely fabulous day and thankfully my Canadian-ness kicked in enabling me to skate for almost a full hour without falling.  It was pretty surreal though as at home if you are at an outdoor rink it is usually much colder  (-15C (5F)or so) and you are in ski pants so if you did fall you’d have some padding.

See, it doesn't always rain in London, it was sunny enough that the ice was melting in places

Speaking of ice (wow how good am I at the ‘segue’ today – I actually thought it was spelt ‘segway’ like the ride on thing) I was passing through St Pancras station (big train station where the Eurostar leaves from) and they were doing this fancy ice sculpture of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.  The first pictures is at 8:00am and the second is at 6:00pm.



6:00pm, Eiffel tower looking slightly less impressive....funny how Big Ben seemed to survive the afternoon

Finally no segue  here but I couldn’t resist taking a picture in the station of this ad….this might be a collectors item since accenture has since pulled this campaign.  I can’t help thinking that you need to add ‘in bed’ to these poster tag lines like you do for fortune cookies to make them more relevant. bed

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One Response to Ooot and Aboot in London

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep sending more Christmas ooot and aboot pictures I love them. I have only been to Somerset House in the Summer but I remember the court yard. London is beautiful all year round. Aunty L.

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