Merry Swedish Christmas

Saturday we experienced our third annual Swedish Christmas celebration  (one of our friends is Swedish hence the theme).  This year they outdid themselves as usual as we were treated to a very well organised and traditional meal.  It started with a little champagne and crab/caviar appetizers which prepared us for the meal.

The starter consisted of different types of pickled herring, deviled eggs, smoked salmon, potatoes and bread.  I have to say I wasn’t sure this would be a course I would ever see myself eating in the past (pickled herring isn’t really big in Canada and I used to be a wee bit of a picky eater) but over the years I have come to enjoy it and even have a favourite  – the herring in mustard.  This of course was paired with white wine and a shot of Akavit (Swedish schnapps made with various herbs).

Starters - and all the glasses for our various drinks courses

Following the starters we were given the choice of  wine or Christmas beer – yes they even have a little Santa-ish looking character on the can  – even better they bought it at IKEA!!  This course also included a tall shot glass of chilled vodka to be sipped throughout the meal (not as a shot as I was attempting to do). The main food course included an amazing potato dauphin type dish with anchovies, Christmas ham, sausages and of course meatballs…all chased down with the vodka.

Ho, Ho, hangover

Main course

As if that wasn’t enough we finished off the meal with a fantastic rice pudding served with dessert wine and port.  The night didn’t end there as traditionally the next item on the agenda is a game of Trivial Pursuit….we poured ourselves some gin and tonics and laid out the board, we got through one set of questions then decided it would be more fun to chat but I think we get points for trying.

Our gracious host also explained to us that if it was actually Christmas Day in Sweden we would have to stop what we were doing at 3:00pm to gather round the television and watch an episode of Donald Duck cartoons…LOVE IT!!  There is also a tradition where you sing and hop around the Christmas tree like a frog but sadly there wasn’t room for the 6 of us to do that, maybe next year.

During one of the drinks courses I invited everyone over to ours for a Canadian Christmas in 2 weekends however am not sure how I will ever compete with that. For starters our traditions include sitting down at the table, eating turkey then falling asleep on the couch shortly thereafter. I have 2 weeks to come up with a tradition that can rival 5 courses of alcohol and a frog song….any suggestions?

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9 Responses to Merry Swedish Christmas

  1. Emma says:

    Make up a good tradition….like after the meal, we all strip down to our ‘pants’ and take the Christmas tree lights and string them around ourselves while we sing Christmas carols.

    Or perhaps a good Canadian tradition could be we compete with one another to see who can eat the most Christmas tree tinsel and then poop it out. Even the family pet gets involved.

    • Adrienne says:

      How did I know that you would come up with such fab suggestions….you obviously had a dog growing up based on the poop suggestion!! Hope you are well…when do I get to have a Skype with Miles to tell him bad stories about you?

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  3. Johnny says:

    Maple syrup shots. See how many you can get Jeffy to drink before he barfs. 😉

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Have you noticed your blogs about food get the most replies! Get some Canadian Club to drink before and after the food. Get a good B.C. wine, and the first person to fall asleep after dinner gets a canadian flag drawn on their head! Says something about our Christmas doesn’t it!
    Aunty L.

  6. Anonymous says:

    that is gay

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