Sad day on the cobbles

If you have read this blog before you know that I have been a fan of Coronation street for a while – even before we moved here.  There is something about the fact it is so not ‘Wysteria Lane’ –  everyone isn’t perfect with botox, implants and a picket fence.  They wear normal clothes have yellow teeth and more often than not have bad hair days – now that is something I can enjoy watching.

I was sad to hear today however that one of the main characters has died.  She has been on the show for over 25 years and was responsible for delivering some of the best wittiest, sarcastic remarks the show had to offer – and we all know how I love wit and sarcasm.

From what I understand, in real life Maggie Jones (who played Blanche Hunt) was every bit as funny and witty as she was on the show which you have to believe as it would be hard to ‘act’ witty as well as she did.  The highlight of the show for me most recently was when she dressed up as a fortune teller for one of their street parties – and at 75 I think she rocked the outfit pretty well.

For those who didnt watch the show you probably stopped reading a while back but below are some of her remarks which made her character, Blanche, so fantastic.  She was like a British version of Estelle Getty – a true British Golden Girl – and she will be sadly missed.

Blanche Quotes (stolen from various places on the interweb so thanks)

Blanche (to Fred about his marriage to Bev): Still, you’re getting on now, if you’re miserable you won’t have that long to endure it.

Deirdre: If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
Blanche: I think I’ll go home then.

Blanche: “You’re going to have to start taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, Kenneth, or you’re going to have a long and unhappy old age”.

Blanche Hunt (to Steve MacDonald): That’s the second fiance to chuck that ring away. You’d be better off buying a boomerang!

Norris: “Speed bumps? Oh no, they are so ugly and unattractive.”
Blanche: “So are you, but at least they have some use.”

On Peter: “He’s about as much cut out for fatherhood as I am for rugby league.”


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