Looks a lot like Christmas

After not doing much travelling this year (as compared to other years) we headed off to Vienna for a long weekend last weekend.  This time of year the city is  known for their Christmas markets which have various stalls of ornaments and other gift type knick-nacks.  There are also the food and drink stalls  (our fave) which serve mulled wine or gluvine as it is also known (warm spiced wine) and winter punsch (no idea but its warm, fruity and full of rum) along with other goodies like roasted chestnuts and bread with some sort of pate which was lovely.

We hit on a fantastic weekend as we had beautiful weather for 3 of the 4 days we were there – the last day was overcast but we didn’t mind as we were leaving anyway.   We ate Weiner Schnitzel (breaded thinly sliced veal), beef goulash (beef stewed in a thick gravy) and Sachertort (chocolate cake with a layer of apricot jam).  We also ate some weird potato hash brown thing that was brushed with garlic butter and sold at various stalls along the street and I got cotton candy because it’s my favourite treat ever – yes, the trip seemed to revolve around food and drink as most of our trips do.

Weiner Schnitzel


We visited a bunch of Christmas markets throughout the city and on Saturday went to one of their famous street markets Naschmarket which had everything from fresh food to antiques and was packed – it was amazing to see what incredible antiques they had though.

We were even cultured enough to take in an Opera – Mozart’s Magic Flute (my first and probably last unless the dudes from the Muppets narrate the next one).  I was amazed however that each and every seat had their own mini teleprompter that provided an English translation for what was going on on stage…pretty sure we wouldn’t have made it to intermission if not for that.

Opera translator


These guys would have livened up the show

It definitely got me in the Christmas spirit – and by Christmas spirit I mean sheer panic as to how little I have done and how quickly Christmas is approaching….I need another glass of punsch!

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