Barking mad

This weekend was the Discover Dogs event that I went to last year and fell in love with.  To me this is the equivalent of sending a broody woman in the middle of a nursery full of newborns.  I wanted to give scratchies, cuddles and steal (almost) every 4 legged creature in the place.

Our favourite is the Border Terrier which has the cutest little scruffy Ewok face that I can’t resist (but am having to until we get a more dog friendly flat and are home more).  The breed also appears on Coronation Street in the form of a cute little guy called Eccles which means they have to be cool.


Border Terrier

"Take me home Adrienne"


Instead of boring you with more pictures of my little furry obsession I will show you some dogs that may have you repeating my favourite phrase…WTF?

The first one is the hairless dog which no matter how many times I see it, still creeps me out a bit.  The skin looks like a leather handbag and feels like you are petting a pig.


Hairless Dog

Oink, Woof, Oink, Woof



How bout this next one…this guy was done up in this fashion for charity however I am thinking that some charity should try and rescue it from its owners whom are trying to dress it up like canine cotton candy.  The dog is literally pleading to the person petting him to save him from the humiliation.

Pink Poodle

Seriously, save me. If you think this is bad you should see what they have planned for me for Christmas

Finally my favourite….I don’t even know what it is called (and am too lazy to google it) but all you have to know is that this is in fact a living breathing thing and not a rug like I originally thought.  His dreadlocks are actually long and flat like a ruler and apparently keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so they are functional and not just fashionable…

Discover Dogs 2009

Dual purpose, dog and rug - take him for a walk then you can wipe your wellies on him


On the topic of fashion, how bout a dog fur coat?  No, me neither.  No Keeshonds were harmed in the making of this coat although I think the person whom thought of a dog fur coat should be slapped in the name of fashion.

Dog Coat

Before you ask…yes I will be there in 2010 and yes if you read this blog you will have to endure another post about it.

Thanks to Fredrik for the cute picture of my Border Terrier…my camera battery had died at that point (unsurprisingly)

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2 Responses to Barking mad

  1. Anonymous says:

    Being an animal lover I pick dog number one to be a great aunt to. Sorry the others are just to awful and I forbid you to adopt one!!!!
    Aunty L.

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