Hot feet

I have this special spot in my heart for the skymall catalogue (magazine available in your seat pocket on American flights that is full of random gadgets). I seriously would like to meet one of the buyers one day and hear what kid of ideas they reject because so far, it looks like anyone with an idea can get their item listed in this catalogue shop in the sky.

The most recent gadget was intrigued with….Solafeet foot tanner –  because nothing is more embarrassing than tan lines on your feet and ankles (right, that’s way more embarrassing than taking off your shoes and tanning your feet in your office while using the world’s oldest desktop computer).

It can be yours for only $220

Solafeet foot tanner

Other skymall finds – bug vacuum, trailer hitch hanging chair, truck antlers

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1 Response to Hot feet

  1. dkb says:

    I thought they were clown shoes when I first looked at them.

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