A true cross walk

For months now they have been working on this fancy cross walk at Oxford Street and Regent Street (corner of shopping and more shopping).  It is inspired by a Japanese design and is meant to move more people across the street faster…me I see it as a fancy death trap or a strange orchestrated pedestrian dance (video below).

I am going to have to wander down there at lunch one and see the £5million refurbishment for myself  but until then I can’t stop watching this video….I am particularly amused by the  group of confused people that get stuck in the centre of the crosswalk that almost look like they are going to lock arms and ‘swing their partner round and round’  then as the light starts to change I watch anxiously at the stragglers run for their life – I can’t imagine it will be long before some doddler gets a bus bumper in the a**.

I can’t embed this video but you can  click here to watch the BBC Video

or here for one from the Guardian – not sure if non UK viewer can see them but let me know as I am sure more videos will be added in the coming days.




Thanks to DKB for sending this to me 🙂

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1 Response to A true cross walk

  1. A says:

    We have these in Toronto as well now.. : )

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