C’est l’halloween

Last night we went on a zombie themed pub crawl in celebration of our friend’s 30th birthday and halloween.  I hadn’t done the whole gory costume thing before and have always had an aversion toward fake blood so wasn’t sure how the costume situation would work out.  In the end the hubby and I decided to go as zombie golfers, the hubby was the golfer and I was the caddy – complete with bloody golf balls stuck in our head and golf tee injuries.

Unfortunately the hubby had plans prior to the pub crawl so I had to take the tube covered in fake blood all by myself.  Also it was only 3pm I was well and truly the only person on the tube all dressed up – I got some pretty strange looks from fellow passengers and fearful glances from kids.  The most awkward was when an older woman got on the tube and sat down across from me.  She looked at me then looked away then looked at me again then started digging in her purse.  At this point she carefully unfolded two tissues and handed them across the tube to me presumably so I could wipe the blood off my face.  I politely declined following which she looked at me and started shaking her head like ‘ tisk tisk – kids these days, they just go running around with blood dripping out of their head’.  Anyway I felt  a bit bad but luckily mine was the next stop so I safely got away from the disapproving passenger.

Overall it was a great night filled with gory and bloody costumes – I am pretty sure it wasn’t the only one that woke up with a headache and red stained skin (and hair) from the fake blood – I am hoping it will fade before work tomorrow.

Pic’s below of parts of our costume and below that a link to a halloween song that they used to make us listen to in French class every year.  I haven’t a bloody clue what they are saying but I had the chorus ‘c’est l’halloween, hey’ stuck in my head all weekend – I hope you find it as annoying as I do.


zombie golfer

Contrary to popular belief there were not elastics in the golf ball when we cut it open, just solid plasticy stuff


Zombie golfer

Golf tee injury - what the woman was offering me tissues to clean off

zombie golfer

The hubby's head wound

C’est l’halloween song….(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy5V1lD_0Rs)



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1 Response to C’est l’halloween

  1. Penelope says:

    Hello there. I live in Portland, OR and would like to use your picture of the golf ball in the chest.

    I have a company that sells Zombie Apocalypse Insurance (www.zaico.com) and I’m organizing a Zombie Night Golf Tournament coming up in August. The picture would be perfect for the Facebook event page I’ve built but I won’t use it unless you’re okay with that.

    Please let me know via e-mail, thanks!
    Penelope Luedtke
    Founder/CEO ZAICO, LLC

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