WTF? Friday

So I figured I would go with a halloween theme as I do enjoy the creativity behind outrageous costumes.  I have already posted about cat wigs and dressing babies like food items but today’s theme is dogs.  How can you not love the bemused faces on these adorable little fur balls!


Picture 4

Nope, we definitely aren't in Kansas anymore

yoga dog

This guy invented the downward dog (a little yoga joke cause I went to classes...or one class...whatever)



Dog Scout

This guy could get his orienteering badge in his sleep




Picture 10

How can you not love this one...this is like one of those 'stars without makeup' pictures but is more 'stars without waxing'



And cause I just couldn’t resist the faces on these little ones….two baby costumes



Whoppee baby

I am not sure the gag here is to actually sit on the thing, but then again maybe it is? (yes, you probably should not leave me alone with your kids)

Baby Freshener

Again, not sure you are actually supposed to hang this from your rear view mirror but it might add to the effect



Dog pictures unabashedly stolen from: New York Magazine


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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Johnny says:

    This is one of my favourite Halloween dogs ever. In fact, it’s one of my favourite pictures ever:

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