Glamour Shots 2.0

The 90’s wasn’t all Super Mario brothers and New Kids on the Block…it was also Glamour Shots! The best in shopping mall photography studios complete with mood lighting, bedazzled shirts and collar popping.  Every  girl wanted to see what she would look like behind a filtered lens with teased hair.

Glamour shots


Anyhoo it seems that this concept has evolved a bit and Estee Lauder is inventing glamour shots 2.0 – Your Beauty, Your Style, Your Profile – a makeover and photo shoot for you to use on your social networking site.

L'oreal profile shot

And I quote Estee Lauder – ‘From a sultry look for your dating profile to a clean chic photo for your professional page’ (ha!  love it…and by sultry they mean slutty and chic they mean slutty)

I do actually think this is a great idea and is a very creative way for a brand to interact with the world of social networking .  It also speaks to their target female market whom obsesses over profile pictures and spends days untagging themselves from unflattering pictures (presumably the picture will be glaringly subtly branded so all the other girls know where to get one of their own).

I only wish they were doing it here in the UK as I never did get to get a real  jean shirt/blue eyeshadow/collar popping/feathered bangs glamour shot done.

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1 Response to Glamour Shots 2.0

  1. Excellent Article for Glamour Shots. We do those here in Miami, FL.

    Wedding Photography as well.

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