WTF? Friday

I know I tend to complain about customer service but this one takes the cake.You  can read the full story on the eye witness’s blog but his post goes like this (read his, its better).

A tube train was approaching a station and unbeknownst to the travellers on the tube, it was terminating at that stop. Everyone had to get off the train onto the crowded platform. An elderly gentleman was slow to get out of the train carriage so as he was getting off the doors closed trapping his arm. Once released from the door he calmly told the story to a TFL staff member called Ian whom didn’t find feel he had a relevant complaining so started yelling expletives at him to stand back from the platform as a train was coming.  After a few minutes of Ian’s special brand of customer service the blogger whom was a witness in the crowd took out his video camera to film the well handled complaints process…. listen around the 50 second mark when he recommends slinging the guy under the train.

PS – Ian, the TFL employee has since lost his job – surprisingly, I thought that might be grounds for a promotion, the nerve of the old man to take his time getting off the train.

Thanks to Tim for sending me the story

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