So domestic it hurts

Today I was so domestic it hurt  – almost physically as I just about got my pointer finger stuck in the electric beater as I tried to push an undercooked sweet potato through the rotating whisk thingies.  It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and normally we would have planned to mark the occasion with turkey of some sort but we had other plans for this weekend – unfortunately those plans fell through (or crashed 🙂 ) so we decided last minute to do our own Canadian Thanksgiving.

Thankfully  Sainsbury’s (grocery store) accommodates lazy domestics like me and we found a ‘succulent boneless turkey breast basted in butter’ that I just had to stick in the oven.  Add to that some sweet potatoes (and marshmallows as per my mother in law’s famous recipe – although the hubby only wanted them on half as he apparently doesn’t like candy on his veggies!!) , carrots in maple syrup, peas and red wine and you have Thanksgiving (minus the fine china and chaos)

Succlent turkey breast

Succulent turkey breast

Turkey dinner

Happy Thanksgiving

For some reason I also felt inspired to make raspberry muffins so I bought all the ingredients and whipped up a batch while the succulent turkey breast cooked.  I couldn’t find ‘American’ sized muffin wrappers so I improvised and made them out of ‘greaseproof paper’ that belonged to our landlord and has been in our cupboard for 3 years.  I haven’t tried them yet as I am full of turkey but will let you know tomorrow morning – in the meantime Happy Thanksgiving – or Happy Sunday for those of you non Canadian types.

Raspberry muffins in home made muffin papers

Raspberry muffins in home made muffin papers

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4 Responses to So domestic it hurts

  1. Pete says:

    Those muffins look good ! I have to ask….What do you do with the marshmallows…? And how do u cook them

    • Adrienne says:

      The marshmallows go on for about 5 minutes near the end of cooking – just long enough for them to get melty and golden – you can stick them under the grill but you have to watch them cause they can get burnt fast. Just adds a little sweetness to the dish (I can never find a bad time to eat marshmallows!!). I found some good ones in Sainsburys in their cake section as they were mini ones so easier to spread around…mmmmmm!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Adrienne and Happy Thanksgiving! Everything looked very good you have your Mothers nack! We are having our Turkey today as Patrick’s B-Day was yesterday and he wanted Kraft Mac and Cheese and wieners, and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Go figure! Aunty L.

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