Show us your pearly whites

When I was in the US last week I got to indulge in one of my favourite past times  – shopping.  The great thing about shopping  in America (and Canada) is that you can do it in a ‘mall’.  In one stop you can enter this heaven haven that contains restaurants, movie theatres, clothing-music-shoe-drug-home-toy stores where you can shop/hang out to your heart’s content no matter the weather.

Before you start commenting, yes, the UK does have malls but they aren’t as plentiful as in North America.  Street shopping seems is more popular in the UK where you find all the shops you need down one street with no protection from the elements ie weather, cars.  It is nice when the weather is good but not always practical for somewhere like Canada where it is below zero for 5 months of the year.

I do think though, that the ‘malls’ may be taking this one shop stopping aspect a bit far when I saw this last week

Mall Whitening

Yup, a teeth whitening booth.  For the low low price of $149 you too can look like a smiling radioactive oddball in the middle of a mall – dare I ask what’s next?

Mall whitening

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