Holy guacamole

So I am in the US for a week for a week on business and have been doing the whole ‘table for one’ when I go out for dinner so tonight I decided against sitting at the bar reading the newspaper chatting to the bartender and decided to go for a takeaway and eat in my room (in my pyjamas, sitting on the bed watching  TV – I may never go home).
Anyhoo tonight’s I opted for Mexican cuisine as that is the one type of food I am finding hard to get in London but know that the US can do it well.  The restaurant was called Chipotle and is a fairly well known chain (for everyone but me apparently).  The concept is like a Mexican version of Mr Sub, you order then they dress your burrito/fajita/taco in front of you and put on your choice of salsa, sour cream, cheese, corn etc etc.  I opted for a fajita wrap and drooled all the way down the sneeze guard as my fajita was dressed.  In typical American style this wrap wasn’t jut a little taco bell style wrap it had to be about 4 pounds of solid yummyness that probably could have fed three hungry adults.
The wrap was delicious and if you are in the US looking for a quality quick service restaurant and are hungry I recommend Chipotle – oh and for the tech savvy amongst us – standing in a queue is like, soooo , yesterday – you can order your wrap in advance either online or on your iphone.  how. cool. is. that?  I might have to go back tomorrow just to try it out.
Order Chipotle online or on iphone
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4 Responses to Holy guacamole

  1. Becca says:

    You need to go to Wahaca on Chandos Place in covent garden for your mexican food fix. stupidly cheap and really good. They also have a restaurant in the Westfield shopping centre. http://wahaca.co.uk/
    I’ve also heard Benito’s Hat is good but not been there yet http://www.benitos-hat.com/

    • Adrienne says:

      I have been to wahaca, I was actually there when you texted me about having Felix! I liked it but their portions were like bites compared to the 5lb wrap at Chipotle!! hahah I will have to try Benito’s Hat sometime.

  2. Kiz says:

    Want a Fajita..?…Theres an App for that !

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