I’ll be watching and taking notes

I am a sucker when it comes to trickery or illusions as a kid I remember sitting in front of the TV watching David Copperfield (the American illusionist not the Dickens novel) make a train disappear in front of my eyes.  When I moved to the UK I stumbled across a show featuring the English illusionist Derren Brown.  After watching him select a random audience member ask her four questions including the name of a newspaper, a page number and a word then producing a newspaper in a sealed box with the word she said circled on the page number she picked, I was hooked.

Dont even start to tell me she was seeded in the audience because I BELIEVE….Anyhoo my Britlusionist has a new show starting this week and he will start by predicting the lottery numbers live on TV on Wednesday.  Don’t be surprised if you find me cross-legged with my nose too close to the TV just like I did when ol’ Copperfield worked his magic….and if you don’t hear from me after next week’s draw, I am on some island counting my winnings.

Derren Brown predicts the lottery

PS  I don’t want to hear any comments like ‘if he can predict the lottery why doesn’t he just make his money predicting the lottery’.  I don’t know, maybe he has enough money and wants to share his talents with the world….or he’s crazy, or it’s a big ploy by the National lottery, or….I don’t know. Just watch it.

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