Still doubling up on the hand sanitizer

Thought you would want a little update on the swine flu situation.
1) The neighbour is alive and fully recovered from his bout with swine flu and the bonus is that he has given up smoking so now I can sit on the couch in my PJ’s and not have him watching me from his balcony while going out for various smoke breaks.
2) Sneezy swine flu man is popping up everywhere.  This was my favourite as it popped on the a cash machine screen. It actually grossed me me out as I pictured his sneeze drips all over the keypad…thankfully I had my hand sanitizer with me and doused myself with it afterwards


3) The sneezing person image seems to be international as I presume this is the Spanish version of a public service announcement about swine flu (although I am not sure I would want to catch something called  Gripe A – it sounds pretty serious)


4) How’s this for irony? The main actor dude in the swine flu ad caught swine flu!  Thankfully he wasn’t hired to teach us how to cross safely at train tracks or he might be in a whole lot more trouble.

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