Happily ever after…

Since we moved here, we have had been able to witness two weddings out of the country, one in Austria and the other this past Bank Holiday weekend in Barcelona….unfortunately, we haven’t witnessed any UK weddings but are putting adequate pressure on some of our friends to take the plunge so we can go to one.

The wedding this weekend was in an absolutely beautiful venue slightly outside of Barcelona.  We arrived by coach and were given a fruit smoothie and fruit kebabs to give us something nice and nutritious before moving on to beverages of the alcoholic variety.

Fruit bar

The ceremony was outside under slightly threatening skies but as luck would have it the rain held off and it turned out to be a beautiful and clear night.  Because the groom is Swedish and the bride Spanish, bits of the ceremony were done in each language as well as English which made me feel utterly ashamed of only  being uni-lingual (and not very good at the one I do speak).

Wedding ceremony Barcelona

Following the ceremony we were ushered to a garden terrace area where we had drinks and were served more varieties of tapas than I even knew existed.  My favourites included spinach balls rolled in almonds and drizzled in honey, tempura shrimp, toasted bread with parma ham and a pork/veggie/almond dish just to name a few.  This went on for ages until our bellies were almost bursting at which point we moved to our table under the stars for dinner.

Dinner was also fantastic and throughout the meal we were able to witness  Spanish and Swedish wedding traditions.  It started by greeting the bride and groom by spinning our napkin above our heads like a helicopter and cheering them in.  Then was the ‘table wave’ where everyone at the table banged their hands on the table top and screamed at which point they then all point to another table who then had to carry on the banging/screaming/pointing until one table screws it up or every table has a chance to participate.  The next tradition was brought by the Swedes and includes all the women at the wedding going up and kissing the groom on the cheek whenever the bride left her spot at the table and vice versa. I tried my best to make up some random tradition that I would claim was Canadian but couldn’t come up with anything.

Wedding venue Barcelona

Overall it was a great night that bled into the morning as we didn’t get back to our hotel until 5:30 am which apparently is another of the great Spanish traditions.  All in all it was a spectacular weekend and we are very happy for the newlyweds (and thankful for the invite!)

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