….and the loo award goes to

So we had my bother in law, sister in law and nieces for a visit this weekend.  We enjoy having visitors but if they are coming from Canada they are asked to pay for room and board in the form of boxes of Kraft Dinner and marshmallows.  They obliged and arrived with said necessities.

Canadian goodies

While they were here, we did quite a few touristy things which I always enjoy as I get to find out some neat bits about the city and got to witness first hand the highway robbery that tourism….as you can see by some of these gift shop goodies and other bits and bobs

1) King Henry’s blog….seriously, if they wrote history like this when I was a kid I would understand it much better

See, all the cool people blog...it's a historical fact

See, all the cool people blog...it's a historical fact

2) King Henry/Anne Boleyn pants (or underwear for the Canadians)…nothing says”I’m a history ‘buff'” like the King’s face on your a**.

King Henry Pants Anne Boleyn pants

3) Fancy a drink at Harrods?  It will cost ya.  £3.50 will give you the chance to drink out of a Harrods branded paper cup – it did come with unlimited refills but even still it would take quite a few trips to the machine to get your £3.50’s worth.  A 2L bottle of Coke goes for £1.25 here so you would need about 3 bottles to equal the cost of one Harrods cup.  If each Harrods cup was 250ml (which it was about) then that would be about 24 trips….and about 15 trips larger than my bladder could hold (I love shopping maths… if it was explained to me in terms of cups of Coke, I would have done much better in school).

Harrods drink

4) Loo of the year award?  I am obviously happy to use award winning facilities but seriously, a) who came up with the idea of loo of the year awards b) who the hell wants to have a job judging them?  Spa awards, luxury hotel awards, cup cake tasting awards sure, sign me up but loo awards?  no thanks. (Although I do love that they have a website – Loo Awards)

Loo awards

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  1. dkb says:

    What a great mitt!

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