A simple concept made very un-simple

I think I should get a job at the UK Milk board (if one exists) because I have yet another post about milk…that’s okay it is one of the biggest search terms that brings traffic to my wee little blog so milk, milk, milk (yes, I am an SEO specialist, can’t you tell).

Anyhoo remember my story about the milk bags and how Canada has been selling their milk in bags for years and that we put it in a  simple container, cut off the tip then Bob’s your Uncle (I actually DO have an uncle Bob).

Milk Jug

While perusing the aisles at our local Sainsbury’s (a grocery chain like Waitrose but not as swanky and slickly marketed)  I noticed they also started offering milk in bags and was promoting the ‘jug it’ contraption to store and pour the milk from.

Sainsburys milk bag

jug it

From the picture,  you can see that the jug has a top and inside some plasticy bits that presumably stick on the outside and whatnot…I am wondering though why they have made such a simple concept of pouring milk from a bag so complicated….there is a 9 step process on the jugit website.

Jug it

I am seriously thinking of starting my own milk jug company and steal the tried and tested (and glaringly simple) Canadian concept.  I think I will call it Adrienne’s Jugs…that should make for some good PR don’t you think?

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2 Responses to A simple concept made very un-simple

  1. Kiz says:

    Id love to see Adriennes Jugs !

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