How’s the view?

So I am not sure if I am getting prude-ish in my old age but I really hate these posters that seem to be everywhere advertising a show called Chelsea Lately…frankly I am too lazy to wikipedia it to see what the show is all about I am more disturbed by the older man looking up this young ditzy girl’s dress.

What'cha lookin at?

What'cha lookin at?

Don’t worry, the ‘humour’ isn’t lost on me, yes I get that they allude to the fact he is looking up her skirt because it’s comedy with ‘balls’ but even if she does have her very own set of kahonas under there, is it appropriate for the dude to be glaring up at them?  Or more importantly, does this make me want to tune in and watch said programme?  Or MOST importantly…am I getting too old and crotchety and this is really funny and not mildly disturbing like I think it is?

Better go, need to watch the last few minutes of Antiques Roadshow before Murder She Wrote starts…that Jessica Fletcher, she’s too smart for her own good.

(please say you noted the sarcasm in that last sentence, I am not getting old…right?)

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2 Responses to How’s the view?

  1. Emma says:

    hmmmm are you getting old? Well…not sure you really want me to answer that but I just have to point out that you are old enough to have watched Murder She Wrote.

  2. kyle says:

    Chelsea Handler has a late night talk show (airs at 11:30pm on the east coast), and she LITERALLY has the most “balls” of any light night talk show host. She swears, and asks celebrities on her shows REAL questions. She has also written 3 books, 2 of them have been #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List. You should check out her show a couple times. Just give her a chance. And the “old man” looking under her skirt is her assistant Chuy. Who is also in her show every night. And on the cover of her latest NY Times #1 Bestseller, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” her dog Chunk is looking up her skirt. Give her show a chance. She is very funny.

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