Lifestyles of the rich and hairy

Harrods Pet Kingdom

So we stopped by Harrods the other day as they had their annual sale on with lots of things 70%off and let’s face it, normal people can only afford Harrods stuff at 70-99%off.  We didn’t’ find anything exciting (read: cheap enough) but as we were about to leave I saw a sign for ‘Pet Kingdom’ and, like a kid in a toy store, I was off.

It was absolutely unbelievable (okay to be fair it should have been believable as Harrods sells a real life monopoly game with real British pounds as cash so a few fancy pet beds should be believable).   They had everything from dog beer to beds to fancy dress costumes to jewel studded leashes because seriously, if your owners are shopping in Harrods they obviously have some extra cash to quench your thirst for a brewski and understand your need for a little bling when out in the dog park.  Observe:

Bowser Beer

Leash bling

Harrods dog bed

Harrods dog costumes

I did almost have one of those moments when you lie on the floor and kick your hands and feet and cry until your parents hubby buys you what you want because when I walked up to the live puppy area I saw that they had a Border Terrier for sale.  I immediately ran at the glass and pressed my nose up against it looking for my new bundle of cuteness only to find out it had been sold and that the area only contained hyper active daschunds..the hubby was lucky this time. Although, after seeing what Harrods was charging for them I think we might have to look for a second hand or irregular Border Terrier to fit within our budget.


hyper active daschunds

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3 Responses to Lifestyles of the rich and hairy

  1. Gail says:

    Just want you to know, you write beautifully. Just a kick.

    And how did I find your site? The other day I was about to email my 92-yr-old mother in Wisconsin, when I looked up and saw, in the the subject box,
    Please don’t call me a chinchilla. It was weird, I tell you, out of nowhere.
    I just erased it and got on with life, but this morning I remembered it and took a chance by putting it in the browser. So, there you go.

    Keep up the good (weird/funny) work! Gail

    • Adrienne says:

      Thank you so much for writing, it’s always nice to hear how people find me and my ramblings. I can imagine it would be a bit strange to see a sentence like “Please don’t call me a chinchilla’ when you knew you didn’t type it! I love the fact your mother emails! That is woman after my own heart.

      Hope you keep reading!

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