re: please don’t call me a chinchilla

I am sure if you have read more than one of my posts you know that it doesn’t take much to amuse me so my most recent finding wont surprise most of you. The Yahoo Mail subject generator….I found it by accident when I clicked on the word subject instead of ‘cc’ and saw that each time I clicked on it a new random topic was generated.

Yahoo subject

I now spend copious amounts of time chuckling to myself before selecting the best stupid subject line for my emails….I equally enjoy it when my friends reply to my emails without changing the subject and I receive emails like:

Re: please don’t call me a chinchilla
Re: Pandora didn’t think outside the box
Re: Shortcut for next week’s marathon
Re: There’s a great juggler on the radio tonight!

Re: Eating pasta with chopsticks

Awww the little things…

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