WTF? Friday

Picture 2

For as long as I remember I have been afraid of sharks…I remember having a panic attack at the thought of going through the glass shark tunnel at Disney World for fear that a shark would break the glass and eat me. I even could freak myself out into thinking that there was a shark in my backyard pool and would hop out so I could check that there wasn’t. That is why I think this site – is brilliant in its creepyness – the sounds and camera movements made my stomach churn.  It also integrates with facebook for added personalised creepyness (click on the last jar labelled ‘My Story’ if you have a facebook account).


From what I have read, it is a teaser campaign for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week which I used to love watching in complete terror. Beyond the website, certain journalists were sent unlabeled jars which contained half eaten swim trunks, a warning sign and a key with the URL on it….oh yeah and an obituary specific to the person whom received it….love it…unfortunately, my blogging hasn’t yet garnered me journalist status so I didn’t get one of these myself, maybe next year.

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