Nintendo DS Glucose Meter

Didget Nintendo DS

I think it’s been a while since I featured a cool gadget but this one is right up there with one of the smartest I have seen.  Similar to the pedisedate… this gadget integrates games with children’s healthcare.  It was designed by a father of a diabetic son who would often misplace his glucose monitor but never seemed to misplace his Game Boy (although to be fair I am sure there are some adults that do the same, we can’t’ just blame the kids here).

The Didgit monitor fits in the Nintendo DS ports and operates very similar to a regular glucose monitor with the added benefit of kids not wanting to lose it.  In addition,  they have developed a game that rewards the kids by unlocking new levels based on their results which I am sure, helps in increasing compliance as they get something out of it (something that is more exciting to them than just good health).

Didget Nintendo DS

Realistically, most children don’t fully grasp the importance of treating and monitoring medical conditions and nor should they be expected to, it’s a pretty heavy topic.  I think the best thing is to make it as easy, pain free and least disruptive to their lives and they will be more complacent with treatment….actually I think that sentiment works for adults as well.  I am sure I would remember to take my vitamins or eat vegetables more if I got something for doing so.

Although, I have always been a sucker for incentives…as a kid I was a bit scrawny so was advised by the doctor gain a bit of weight…my parents told me they would take me to Disney world when I hit 40lbs-that was far more appealing than having a doctor telling me to do it ‘just because’.  Unfortunately, the incentive wasn’t extended to future weight gain goals and I didn’t get to go again when I hit 80 or 100lbs.

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2 Responses to Nintendo DS Glucose Meter

  1. Kiz says:

    This is actually an amazing thing. Is there an iPod version?

    • Adrienne says:

      I don’t think so but that would be a great idea…what about a breathing test thingy too so you could blow into the ipod to get our lung function or a finger clip for oxygen sats….I think we have a business idea here 🙂 (although admittedly I am a blackberry girl which I realise is a lot less cool)

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