Britain’s Got People (standing on a plinth)

One & Other

Britain has always been pretty keen on the reality TV shows but this sort of brings it to a new level. A British comedian, Charlie Brooker, twittered about and called “Britain’s Got People” (instead of Britain’s Got Talent, get it, see, I told you he was a comedian).

Essentially, it is an art installation occupying a plinth in Trafalgar Square and every hour for 100 days, a real live person will get hoisted on top of it to do whatever they want. From what I understand, the places are allocated randomly with no audition process, so anything goes. Best part is that it is streamed live 24 hours a day so you don’t have to even get off the couch to see it  (that being said I think if I am in the area I might have to take a peek as you can’t be too sure if what you see on the intraweb is true).
I discovered it last night when I couldn’t sleep and think that if nothing else, it does give insomniacs something to watch. Although, at that time of the morning, I got stuck watching a dude play the accordion so I could only take it for a few minutes then traipsed back to bed (which is probably a good thing).

It is an intriguing concept and am sure I will find myself widdling away the hours watching.  I do think the whole thing could be improved by making it more interactive and allowing viewers to vote the people off the plinth or better still, rig up a giant slingshot full of water balloons or chocolate pudding which we can aim then shoot at the people via the website…now THAT would be fun to watch, I mean artistic, as intended.

One & Other

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