Fancy potatoes and margarita sorbet

I am not really big on cooking but in a pinch I can do it and sometimes even enjoy it (quite the opposite to my Mom whom is a natural cook and never seemed to swear, burn herself or dirty every dish in the house as I do when I cook).

Anyway I came across this website called Sea salt with food as it was recommended on the BBC Click website which gives a weekly recommendation of great sites.  Frankl,y I had never thought of food blogs but I have added it to my google reader and admit that I get a bit excited when I see a new recipe has been posted.

I have only tried two recipes but they turned out pretty well so I have faith that I might be able to do more as time goes on (and I continue on with my fun-employment – as once I get a job, its back to Marks and Spener ready meals, who has time to cook!).

The recipes I tried were the Hasslebeck Potatoes (no relation to Elizabeth on the View) which are the Swedish version baked potatoes.  They are really yummy – especially in our fan bake oven as the skin gets nice and golden all over.

The second one I tried was last week during our heat wave was the lime sorbet which was lovely as it was very cold and we were very hot….it ended up tasting very much like a bowl full of frozen margarita mix but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Pictures below are from the website as I can assure you mine didn’t turn out looking anything like that…but they tasted good!

Hasslebeck Potatoes

Lime sorbet

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