Canned air conditioning


So today is bloody hot, one of those days where you sweat when sitting and doing nothing.  I don’t have a thermometer but I have to guess its about 200 degrees out with no sign of a breeze.  In the past I really haven’t been that bothered by the lack of air conditioning but today I would give my (sweaty) left arm for a 5 minute stint in a very cold room.

I do however have some relief in the form of an instant cooling body spray called Magicool (yes, I know, brilliantly stupid name). I bought it last year for some unknown reason as it wasn’t that hot but I remember it was on sale and it is kind of like a gadget so I liked it.  I actually forgot I had it until I saw the hubby trying to cool off by spraying himself with the canned air you clean your computer keyboard with.

My favourite bit is their absolutely horrendous, low budget, badly dubbed commercial…I think though because it was so bad that is why I remembered it and eventually bought it….today, I am happy I did. It’s cheaper than air conditioning and seems to do the job….however I fear I might go through the entire can today, should be okay though as they are calling for rain tomorrow.

Click here to see the horrible amazing advert

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