Happy Canada Day!

Picture 19

Unfortunately my plans of donning a bright red shirt with Canada written across it and heading to Trafalgar Square for the Canada Day celebrations are ruined due to an ill timed interview…. I didn’t think citing “Canada Day” was a good reason for putting off the interview to another day.

I will however at some point be sure to sing Oh Canada, drink beer, rye and maple syrup (not together) and brew up some Tim Hortons coffee we smuggled over.

I will leave you with some thoughts on the day from someecards which made me laugh….

Picture 6

Picture 18

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1 Response to Happy Canada Day!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are dressed in red and white, have walked in a Parade, sung the national anthem,smoked our salmon and are now getting ready to BBQ, drink the bear (I did mean beer) and swig the rye! We will wash it all down with brownies, and nanaimo bars. No beavers swimming in the pool, but you can’t have everthing! Happy Canada Day!
    Love Aunty L.

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