Tropic of London

London heatwave

Enjoying a bit of a heat wave in London this week (helping add to my unemployment tan) with the temperature today going up to 32, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The one surprising thing is the lack of air conditioning here. Neither of the offices I have worked at nor our flat has the added luxury and more surprisingly,  quite a few retail stores don’t either….including the post office.  I stood in line this morning for 15 minutes behind a man who was sweating so much the brim of his baseball cap was dripping sweat leaving a sweaty trail of water through the Disney land-esque zig zagging line….it is a bit of a health hazard if you ask me.  Surprisingly I am surviving (with three fans on in our room at night) and actually don’t mind that every shop or office doesn’t feel like a walk in freezer.

This has nothing to do with anything, but ever wondered what you could do with a bunch of sun glasses and an oven cooker?  Yeah well there is an empty office building around the corner from my flat which came up with an idea as to what to do with them… (honestly it creeps me out as I am pretty sure we had centipedes that big in our basement growing up).

sunglass centipede

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