Naughty passengers will be crushed

The hubby and I were on the tube the other day and I was reading over the hubby’s shoulder (which I KNOW he loved) and saw a picture of this fake tube safety sticker.  Being a huge fan of sarcasm I instantly loved them.  You have to give credit to someone for poking fun at something so mundane.  The tube is littered with stickers warning you to mind the gap, not get stuck in the doors, give up your seat to the elderly or pregnant that it’s about time someone poked fun at them.

Tube stickers

I pointed out the article to the hubby and mentioned that we are so desensitised to the real stickers that I am sure neither of us would even notice if we came across a fake tube sticker…at which point I looked up and saw this.

Peak hours tube sticker

Brilliant, I am now scouring every tube carriage that I am sitting in for the fake stickers…better still, I am looking for the tourists who try and sit on someones lap during rush hour.

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2 Responses to Naughty passengers will be crushed

  1. Kiz says:

    They are fatastic ! Loving the fact you spotted them !

    I feel your husbands pain with the reading over the shouler thing….Especially if it gets to the point where ur going *Hold on, Im not done with that page yet*….

  2. dlewisharris says:

    Good find! I’ve seen two of these on the Victoria Line and now every time I board a carriage I look out for these. The one I saw said something along the lines of:

    Penalty Fare
    If you fail to show on demand your true emotions for your entire journey

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