What’s for pudding?


One of the ‘delicacies’ I often smuggle back to the UK with me after a is chocolate pudding (Jell-O brand, has to be Jell-O brand). The lost in translation moment came when I told a friend here that I made one of these puddings. The conversation went like this:

Me: I made pudding the other night
UK Friend: what did you make for pudding?
Me: for pudding?
UK Friend: Yes, what kind of pudding?
Me: Chocolate
UK Friend: Chocolate what?
Me: Pudding
UK Friend: hunh?

I finally remembered that someone had told me that pudding over here actually means ‘dessert’ (of course it does, why wouldn’t it?)

When you go to a restaurant there is often a ‘pudding’ section and the waiter will ask ‘can I get you something for pudding’ which sounds just ridiculous. Even better still,  I was watching a cooking show and they shortened it and said “…and for ‘pud’ we are making apple crumble”…as if pudding wasn’t a stupid enough word they had to shorten it to pud.

Amazing…I went to find an example online of a menu that used the word ‘Pudding’ and found one that uses ‘fortnightly‘ and ‘pudding’, too bad they couldn’t have thrown in penultimate somewhere and it would have been a perfectly English sentence.

Picture 5

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2 Responses to What’s for pudding?

  1. Carrie says:

    Lol. I just love this blog… That’s too funny. You’re very humorous. :]

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