My 15 minutes of fame

So they say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, unfortunately I believe mine has come and gone as I was Miss March in a 1988 calendar (before you get too excited I was 9 and wearing yellow elastic waist shorts with a lovely un-matching blue top).

The reason for my rise to fame was that a neighbour had photographed me with one of (what I thought was) the coolest toy of that year…the bubble thing (fantastic name, must have taken ages to come up with).  Basically it was a giant bubble wand that you dipped in a bucket of water and dish detergent to make giant bubbles. I stumbled upon this fantastic commercial that explains it.

I love the marketing message…you a loser that just moved to a new neighbourhood? Get a bubble thing and you will be the coolest kid on the block (they missed out on the added advantage of being  featured in a calendar).  Sadly though when I think back, I am pretty sure we got that just around the time we moved to a new neighbourhood where I didn’t have many friends.  We generally did have quite a crowd around us after the neighbours noticed 6 foot bubbles going by their windows…so I guess the overenthusiastic announcer was right ‘bubble thing makes people curious’…score 1 for marketing.

Enjoy…oh yeah, the calendar image is below the advert…let me reiterate about the amazing elastic waistband and the unimpressive ‘the bubble is this big’ look on my face.

adrienne bubble 2

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4 Responses to My 15 minutes of fame

  1. nathan says:

    I’m only left speechless! Not by your lack of coolness…but just how cool six foot bubbles are!

    • Adrienne says:

      They really are pretty cool, I think the only reason I had friends in that neighbourhood was because of them. I am sure they still sell them somewhere…if not I might have to become the official giant bubble distributor for the UK.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have that picture!!
    At least your 15 min. came at 9, I haven’t had mine yet,
    and you know how old I am!
    I hope when it comes,it doesn’t have anything to do with dentures or depends!!!
    Love Aunty L

    • Adrienne says:

      I am secretly hoping that the calendar wasn’t my true 15 minutes as I would hope that I would be wearing a better outfit and look like I was truly enjoying myself…oh yeah and that it includes loads of money or diamonds.
      You still have loads of time for yours…at a last resort you know you can get a few minutes of air time on the local news when you turn 100 and get a card from the Queen (or King William as it will be by then) 🙂
      x A

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