Know your limits

Further to the anti bing drinking campaign I talked about a few months ago, a new follow up video has been released for an online audience.  This one continues on from the ‘you wouldn’t do it sober’ campaign and takes to the streets asking people to engage in some antics that people tend to get up to when hammered.  It is brilliant and well worth a watch as I am sure some of you can relate to the scenarios – I might have laughed out loud at the traffic cone one as I woke up one morning in uni to find a giant traffic cone in my living room.

Again, I think it is a great government lead campaign and I like that they take a more relevant to the audience by using irony as a way to get the message across.  Even the strap line of ‘know your limits’ still feels like they are leaving the decision up to you but giving you the facts to base the decision on versus a lecture type message.  More info on the campaign can be found here.

After watching the clip however, I couldn’t help but try to think up a few more scenarios they could street test based on my friends experiences…how about eating a kebab from one of those rotating sticks?  mooning/flashing passers by?  karaoke? falling asleep on a bus? crying whilst walking down the street with a green yardstick of beer on a string around your neck?* Again, just thoughts, nothing I have actually done.

Beer yardstick

* the writer of this blog does not condone such behaviour

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One Response to Know your limits

  1. A says:

    hhaha.. love it.. its pretty funny and does bring back from great uni memories 🙂

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