On strike (not me, the tube staff)

Starting 5 minutes ago (give or take a few hours depending on when you read this), the London Tube shut until Thursday 7pm due to a strike. This will inevitably cause a fair amount of havoc in the city. To be fair, you can still take buses, overground trains or, you could always walk – so there are a few options.  On the other hand,  if you are unemployed you can sit on your couch and remain relatively unaffected by the strike (oooh oooh, I’ll take that option).

Just for fun though, I mapped out what would have been my journey just to see how I would have fared….it doesn’t look that bad but still longer than I probably would have liked (and those planned engineering works sound like they are just a way for them to have their a** covered so when you arrive 2 hours late, they can’t be blamed for giving a bad estimation).

how far

The most surprising part was when I checked to see how long it would be to walk, bear in mind it normally took me about an hour after 2 tubes and a 10 minute walk…..


It’s hard to believe that it is only 9.5 kilometers away – that’s shorter than a 10K run (not that I could ever do one of those).  But it always astounds me that for as big as London seems, it really isn’t that huge…AND, if I was more athletic, I could have saved myself hundreds of pounds in tube fares and just walked!

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