Daytime telly at it’s best

I know I can’t stay unemployed for long as if I do I will inevitably throw our big ol’ television over the big ol’ balcony as daytime TV is so terrible I can’t stand it. I am beginning to think it is a government conspiracy to get people back to work.

It starts mid morning with Jeremy Kyle (when I hear his voice I know its time to get my a** off the couch) where he invites the trashiest of trash to his show to yell at each other and accuse them of cheating/beating/lying which he fixes in 60 minutes after subjecting guests to a lie detector, paternity test and counselling.  That show is followed by a female version called Tricia Goodard then reruns of American versions of said sh1t programming like Maury Povich and Judge Judy…so you can see why the TV is off most of the day.

There is one game show however that I have seen a few times in the afternoon called Divided….ignoring the annoying host and strategically placed commercial breaks, the concept of this show is great as it is a televised social experiment.

The premise is that three people work as a team and are presented quiz questions which they all must agree on an answer to.  The cash value of the answer is based on how long it takes for the team to agree the answer – ie the faster they agree, the more money.  After a few rounds they build up a sizeable cash prize fund…the kicker is that at the end, the prize fund is split into 3 uneven sums – one large, one medium and one small.

Obviously everyone wants the big one but they must all agree on whom gets each sum but as they argue their time and money ticks down all the way to zero.  Its amazing there is always some b*tchy person who ‘won’t back down’ and insists they earned the highest value…for some reason no one will take the lowest value because I guess it makes sense to go home with nothing versus something??

Its hard to explain…just watch the experiment in all it’s glory – the excitement begins at 1:57

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3 Responses to Daytime telly at it’s best

  1. dkb says:

    I like how he declared ‘victory’ at the end.

  2. A says:

    that was fantastic!! too funny.

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