It’s big and holds water

We are in our fourth day of consecutive sunny hot weather and I love it. It seems that, for the most part, Londoners expect crap weather here so when it is beautiful, everyone seems pleasantly surprised and heads to the nearest park to strip down to their bathing suits ignoring the fact there is no water around. There are queues for the ice cream trucks and the smell of charcoal BBQ’s in the air. I have to say (while sitting on my balcony baking in the sun) its not a bad week to be out of the workforce.

In my attempt to find fun cheap things to do when I am not shopping my CV around, a  friend suggested I head to my local lido (pronounced Lie – dough….not Lee-DO as I thought) – not surprisingly I pulled my foreigner confused face and asked him to explain.

Turns out a lido is an large outdoor pool that you can swim in or lie around  – from what I can tell they have a bit of a beachy feel to them.  Apparently south London has one of the biggest lidos in Europe and in their heydays of the 1930’s there were 169 built across the UK to encourage people to get active.

As enticing as a public pool sounds, I am more comfortable on top of the water in a big floaty chair  and a drink versus in it, and I am not sure that the other swimmers would appreciate that.  For now, my balcony with my wireless internet and easy access to the fridge is a pretty good option.

Here is today’s forecast for those of you whom think London is always cold and rainy.

Sunny London

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2 Responses to It’s big and holds water

  1. Corey says:

    it was 4C here this morning. I saw numerous people in full coats, some wearing scarfs!

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