Part time tour guides

We have had friends visiting for a few days and since they have already been to London we were trying to think of things to do with them that they hadn’t already done.

We decided to head to North London and do Camden, Primrose Hill and then Little Venice (stopping at multiple pubs, a pit stop for Sunday roast, more pubs then a chicken kebab to finish it off)

Luckily we got a fantastic day without a cloud in the sky. Below are a few pictures from our adventures. As you can expect, Camden was packed but we found a new area that (we think) had just opened called the Stable Markets.


Stable markets

We then headed to one of the prettiest spots in the city (and the highest point in London), Primrose Hill which on a day like Sunday was spectacular.

Primrose Hill

We then hit a cute little pub for a Sunday Roast then on to Little Venice to watch the canal boats.

Little venice


Anyhoo will get back on the blog wagon again I promise, especially with tomorrow being Friday and all (where does the time go?)!

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2 Responses to Part time tour guides

  1. Kiz says:

    Stable markets are old im afraid to tell you my dear !

    • Adrienne says:

      You are right but they renovated a new section called the arches which was the part we went through so I was confused as to how it could look so new but be old…we found the old bit after so it makes sense now šŸ™‚

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