From dink to sink to nink…

Yes, that is right both the hubby and I are out of work  and are officially a no income no kids household…and I guess that means I have dropped from pank to just an ank.

I have realised that there are phases that you go through when unemployed similar to that of the grief cycle (denial, anger, acceptance)

I started with acceptance and for about a day I thought ‘hey this is cool I will take some time off and do all those things I couldn’t do with a job’.  Then I couldn’t remember anything I wanted to do other than going to the spa and that was too expensive.

Then I moved to panic and hit the ‘holy crap I need to get another job we aren’t earning income’ stage which include whoring out my CV to any and every job site that would accept it.  This was followed by a series of rejection letters for positions I applied for….its okay, I really didn’t want to be a ambulance driver or a bricklayer anyway.

Then I hit the distraction stage  where I decided to ignore the fact I was out of a job and be a tourist in London…although each day no matter where I went I ended up window shopping along Oxford Street planning all the new outfits I will buy when I have a job again.  I then distracted myself with domestic chores and spent two days cleaning the flat (including de-greasing the oven, descaling the kettle, washing the sofa cover and cleaning out my cleaning products).  Followed by a cooking day where I made banana cake with a cream cheese icing and a month’s supply of spaghetti bolognese…both turned out well but not spectacularly better than the store bought equivalents I have lived on for 3.5 years.

banana cake

Green park

I am looking forward to the next phase which I call celebration.  The huby has been bettering himself these past two weeks by taking a course during the day which meant I have had to navigate unemployment on my own which has been boring.  As a result I have compiled a list of things for the hubby and I to do to take advantage of this forced holiday.  Some of them include going to the Science Museum, doing the Jack the Ripper walk, hiring a paddle boat in Regents park and maybe even get out of London and see some of the English seaside….oh yeah and look for jobs.

I presume the unemployment cycle will finish with employment but hope it doesn’t happen until the celebration phase can be fully enjoyed….who said beggars can’t be choosers?

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3 Responses to From dink to sink to nink…

  1. A says:

    Oh no.. hope you find work soon! Your a smart cookie – something will come along before you know it!
    In the mean time.. in between your job hunts.. try to enjoy a bit of time off! ;0)

    Chat soon!

  2. Johnny says:

    Did you mean *Jack* the Ripper? 😉

    • Adrienne says:

      Hahahah am laughing loudly out loud to myself…can’t stop….hahah okay no idea where Frank the Ripper came from…I did know it was Jack, I would like to blame it on spell check but I think I have to chalk that one up to stupidity…whew that was funny.

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